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integrated marketing
adidas gamedayplus case study

for the 2015-16 football season, we created a new way for fans to get the best of adidas and uefa champions league, targeting you tube's sports obsessed millennials, we gave them a dedicated uefa champions league youtube series, scoring over 12 million views.

the wild within vr experience

citizen launched this experience by creating the world’s first ever virtual trip in both new york city and washington d.c., to capitalize on the strong concentration of north american travel media. to bring it to life, a nyc loft was transformed into a bc wilderness scene to create the full experiential setting. everything from a forest of real evergreen trees, to a complete camping site, the scents and sounds of the bc rainforest.

cossette portfolio reel

cossette is an innovative marketing and communication agency. ideas and innovation in communications and marketing is what drives our experts at cossette.

rmhc & westjet father’s day surprise video

just in time for father’s day 2014, rmhc canada & westjet celebrated dads everywhere by reuniting a father in saskatoon with his sick son in edmonton. in partnership with rmhc, their agency partner cossette, and westjet, citizen relations developed the communication strategy, production and launch of the video.

verizon hopeline: william gay launch

verizon’s hopeline campaign was created to connect survivors of domestic violence to vital resources and fund organizations nationwide. a carefully crafted launch moment was developed with a carefully selected ambassador. pro football player william gay partnered with hopeline to share his authentic and compelling story about losing his mother to domestic violence and help announce hopeline’s goal of 1 million phones donated by the end of 2015.

old spice: muscle music

citizen relations was instrumental in driving engagement for the platform, which allowed fans to use their keyboards to create customized, shareable muscle-powered musical creations, through a number of tactics, including comprehensive media relations, influencer integration and social media amplification.

huawei mate s launch

huawei mate s’ launch event was held in banyan tree hotel in hangzhou on september 8th 2015. bluestrategy carefully selected this location to present a stunning and memorable launch event for huawei’s new mobile phone.

huayi brothers media group 20th anniversary celebration

attendees included 17 chinese film directors, 93 chinese stars, 38 business tycoons, 432 celebrities, 383 media representatives. preparation time lasted up to six months. five exciting activities were conducted during 30 hours. from the lineupto scale, this event is called the greatest annual festival event in the chinese entertainment industry.

gucci “time is music” show

in 2015, bluestrategy created this amazing event “time is music” for gucci timepieces and jewelry line, collaborated with grammy awards. attendees included gucci’s global president, global marketing director and sales director, ceo of grammy, and president of beijing music festival.

sony xperia uk launch

citizen was briefed by sony to make mobile retail staff fall back in love with their brand, turning them into an army of on-the-ground brand advocates. in response, citizen created xperia access live – a ‘party with a purpose’ that immersed retail staff in the world of sony hardware and entertainment.

paypal brand identity

with all the exciting innovations around us today, it is a perfect time to create a bolder, more progressive expression of paypal—the original innovator in the digital payments industry.

gnc - with you every step of the way

as the no.1 health supplement retail network in the us, gnc would like to extend its success to asia market. metta created a tvc featuring the renowned and respected hong kong singer and actor george lam and his son alex lam. the tvc demonstrated the idea of “with you every step of the way” through the subtle emotional expression within the conversation between father and son.

fujifilm: the sect of wandering photographers

metta believes a brand only flourishes on the maximum impact of originality based on a strong culturally relevant strategy. this concept has been embedded in the fujifilm tvc. this tvs creates a distinct style blending fuji’s item with japanese subculture.

about us: metta

metta is the largest independent advertising firm in hk, engaging in marketing strategy, advertising campaign, creative creation and media buy service. it joined bf family in march 2014.

august home access system

we developed the august brand to design a connected home experience that people will love, and that will provide real value into our daily lives.

sodastream source

sodastream makes it easy for anyone to change their sparkling and soda consumption by not wasting disposable bottles. with source, we set out on a journey to apply a vision of “reduce and refine” to the entire sparkling water and soda making experience.

up design & manufacturing

we deliberately crafted a design without the distraction of a display, giant logos, or blinking lights: all the excitement and actionable data is on your phone, ready when you want it. we want to engage deeper, beyond the superficial gadgetry that creates short terms excitement.


we began with a thorough design audit and a trip to the archives in hamburg. inspired by the established brand values, we created a set of overarching design principles to guide the establishment of a new design language. we also refocused attention on one iconic element of the brand history—the iconic blue tin. 

see you again, kathmandu!

in its campaign, baidu has appealed to internet users to upload their photographs of historic sites. the imaging system requires hundreds of photos taken from different angles to create a comprehensive view of the sites. these static images can be used to generate a 3-d video to allow users to view the sites from the perspective of a visitor touring them before the earthquake.

hello bank!: hello play!

we helped hello bank! support the future of music, while creating affinity amongst its mobile-native audience. we came up with an entirely new approach inspired by some of today’s biggest digital trends: virtual currency, online streaming and crows funding. we created hello play! – a crown sponsoring music platform.

evian: #liveyougjanuary

we cheered up the world‘s commuters during dreary january with an integrated campaign that resulted in lots of happiness. over 14 million audiences were reached and more than 18,000 people engaged in the campaign. sales increased 19% comparing to last january.

coca-cola christmas campaign

coca-cola launched a limited happiness ribbon bottle at the beginning of december, 2013. madhouse cooperated with popular apps to carry out a special christmas campaign for the advertiser, which include weico, papa and impression factory. we used the different functions and user groups to deliver the brand’s messages to the audience, bringing happiness to consumers in this festive season.

adidas originals volume pack mobile camaign

we designed a html5 mobile website for adidas originals. with the gravity sensor, users can shake their devices to switch different matches of outfit. we also used lbs technology to track the users’ locations and send the nearest retail stores to them. the two-month campaign attracted nearly 30,000 users to participate out of which 18,000 of them checked the products’ information and nearly 4,000 people checked the locations of retail stores.

pantene mobile marketing campaign

pantene has launched its summer repairing product line. in order to best delivery the product concept, madhouse took use of its mobile media advantages to create an mobile marketing campaign by sending selective ad content to target customers according to different weather conditions.

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